From humble beginnings in 2001, the Ord Valley Muster came to life quietly as a simple one night affair – a pleasant dinner in the outback for local businesses. Since then it has grown at lightning speed to be firmly established as a pre-eminent event in the national festival calendar.

To assist this continual growth, the event organisers decided to embed Social Centre onto their website and display organic content pulled in during the Muster. The Muster features an outstanding line-up of over 30 events over a 9 day period, so there is a lot of activity to cover. Being able to leverage off social media content to help cover this amount of activity was key to the Social Centre's success and invites any viewers of the page to get a unique perspective of the Muster that otherwise wouldn't be possible unless attending.

Have a scroll through their account opposite and see some of the beautiful photos captured across the 9 days at the Muster.