Hi Dave,

I have created an account for last nights event and have the following links for you to see:

Private Post Moderation: http://www.71n7.com/perth_arena_avicii_270114/w_moderate?wl_token=24509.2cd5662d

Public Post Moderation: http://www.71n7.com/perth_arena_avicii_270114/w_edit?wl_token=24509.2cd5662d

The private posts link represents all the content that has been collected (see the attached screenshot to see what was used). Once you approve the content it goes into the public posts link ready for display.

It looks like Avicii attracts a lot of content so you might have to filter out posts relevant to Perth Arena. Alternatively I can remove #Avicii from the account so it only displays content tagged with Perth Arena.

I'm just finalising our proposal and will get back to you shortly in regards to quotes requested.