Curated Feeds

The social centre provides the option to curate content through the use of keywords. The below examples display this by segregating content depending on their specific title, with all content from the social centre being featured under 'homepage'. Unique HTML code is provided for each keyword allowing it to be embedded into separate sections of your website, while all being moderated from one page.

Alternatively to have greater control over what content is displayed under certain labels, we would be able to provide multiple social centres for each keyword. This option would require each feed to have individual moderation pages though.

We are currently working on a 'tagging' feature which will likely be ready by the end of February. This will allow you to 'tag' content with their respective title and direct it to its specific page.




Camping & Caravanning

Coral coast

Food & Drink

North West



Being able to aggregate social content directly from the WA public allows tourism WA to monitor individuals experience within our state. To help understand this content and provide an overview of the proposed campaign, Social Centre offers a full analytics dashboard that measures both impact and engagement.

To get a first hand experience of what this dashboard looks like and how it functions, please see the following link which presents the analytics for a campaign we are currently running for Healthway.

This information allows us to determine which aggregation terms are most successful, what social platform delivers the best results, the individuals that are engaging highly with our objectives, and exactly where they posting from around the world.

Screenshot of the analytics page displaying our current campaign with Healthway.

Screenshot of the analytics page displaying our current campaign with Healthway.


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